Original Montage

Original montages, music mixtures, image overlay, impossible shots, DVD on demand. Let the new technology goes forward to our imagination and let us make your wedding a creative documentary.

We help you choose an unforgettable soundtrack. We subtitle all the foreigner songs in English if you wish.


Social Broadcast

All the details in your special day. We film in a different and original way. We take care of all special circumstances and singularities that can happen in a wedding day. Our preparation, experience and permanent attention allow us to control the most changing situation in a wedding day, with the purpose to show the final product in an outstanding quality.

The 'author's creation' that characterizes Pasafilmes contributes to its particular style. Author's creation guarantees a personal and only result. We plan from the beginning to the final presentation.
We use the latest technologies in digital film to make of each wedding a creation documentary.

We help you to choose an unforgettable sound track. Don't doubt to ask us for a budget
or any other questions, we will assist you kindly.

Video clip wedding
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