Cormecials Projects

Latest audiovisual projects undertaken for the Ministry of Education and Health, Tele 5, and some visuals pieces to illustrate the new dependence law , works for RENFE and other national companies. Also commemorating historical events covered in the beautiful area of Mastership.
Another example is the production of a film for PRAMES, for a museum about sustainable development in Zaragoza.

Part of the film produce for PRAMES about sustainable development . Click on the photo to see video




Documentary "Temps de Boira" Pasafilmes participates in the full post-production and part of the filmmaking of the the documentary "Temps de Boira" about the period of the second SpanishRepublic and the Spanish civil war, in the small village of Nalec, northeast, province of Lleida province . We show a small draft. No English subtitles, sorry.

Documentary A retired Chair

A documentary that explores the different emotional treatment that older people receive in two different societies. Recently different media in Spain has written about this project. Started last year. See previous interviews. Only in Spanish

Preview:A retired Chair

Photography "SOS ANONYMOUS" Anonymous in the Oeste. Individuals are anonymous, places aren´t. Anonymous footsteps in the city, sharing their space with images and urban landscapes. Places thrown together at random. Solitary beings who share visual spaces with graffitied messages which do not concern them.These are anonymous messages for anonymous pedestrians. Everyone and everything, except for places, is anonymous, even our understanding.

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