Example Short films

Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico). Jan'06. The short film "Species" has been the winner of the second prize in The 10th International Meeting "Visión Frontera" in Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico).

Short film "Species" Click photo to see.

Manchester (UK) , Dec '00 For Exposures 7th Northwest Student Festival. Winner of the experimental award Exposures 2000 (UK leading student film festival) with the short film " The English Echo". The Cornerhouse.

Short film "The English Echo"


We produce short films. Several have won international prizes and all of them have visited film festivals, nationally and internationally.

The Waiting, (HD) last short film from Pasafilmes. Recently screened in ATV.

The Waiting tells the story of an old man after his retirement, as his time is spent resting and leisure time becomes something else. It features the spectacular acting debut of Florencio Sancho.

The Waiting will be shown at festivals and cinemas shortly. It is also a short film which will form part of the documentary “A retired chair”, which deals with the treatment of older people and is currently in production. You can see previews of this film here.

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