As part of the philosophy of Pasafilmes, we made also artistic films and other not-for-profit productions outside business,
with the aim of experimenting in film, film language, or simply to invest in human and social values. We also colaborate with other artists who share these premises.

Short film "The Waiting " tells the story of an old man after his retirement, as his time is spent resting and leisure time becomes something else. It features the spectacular acting debut of Florencio Sancho.

Filmography. See films

To view the most important films online visit this link.


1999 REM
2000 The English Echo,The Outsider, The Telephone, Bottle Out.
2001 The Day Before I went to Longdome.
2002 Gusano

2004 Species
2004 Metro Creciente/ Growing Meter
2005 Clásica 104
2007 Todos/ Everyone
2008 Manolo Campeón del mundo / Manolo Champion of the World.
2008 Sentado Espero / The Waiting
2010 Sostenibilidad
2011 Temps de Boira
2013 Aura

Paso Maño Productions was founded in Manchester in 1997. In its first two years of existence Pasa Maño Productions was constantly experimenting during a period of academic study, at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MET). It was during this period (1997-2000) when Pasa Maño Productions produced its more abstract pieces. Some of these old pieces are available now at The Mancunian Experirence


This period started in 2004. From this time, you can see some of this films in here, they are a good examples of the diversity of genre, in which Ignacio Sánchez Bravo works.

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